Godrej Radio Shuttle Racks


Godrej Radio Shuttle Racking System is a programmed shuttle tray which is able to move within the drive-in channels, offering high density automated storage. Controlled by an interactive radio transmitter. The tray is able to load, unload and arrange pallets into the drive-in channels. Moved by the traditional fork lift or automatically through conveyor systems, operates in every channel according to the FIFO (First in First out) and LIFO (Last in First out) procedures. One of the efficient use for Radio shuttle systems are in temperature-controlled / cold-room warehouses where frozen temperatures can reach down to -45°. In such an environment, storage systems have to maximize the number of pallets and minimize the number of aisles to optimize the cost/benefit ratio of the building infrastructure investments

First in First Out (FIFO)

Accurate management of expiry dates are required in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Generally, materials have to be retrieved from the racking system on the basis of expiry date of inward batches.  Shuttle racking system allows storage from the front and picking from the opposite end of the racking system. It is therefore necessary that the two faces of the racks are accessible to allow storage and picking.

Last in First Out (LIFO)

Storage method for goods which do not have expiry dates, where ‘First in, ‘First out is not a requirement. Shuttle racking systems which operates in this function allowing storage and picking from the same side of the racking system. In this method only one side of the rack is needed to be opened for MHE access.


  • Improve Cubic storage capacity
  • Reduce material handling equipment’s & labor charges
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Automated warehouse control
  • Reduce product damage
  • Rapid execution of orders by considerably reducing load lifting cycle time

For more details & enquiries , please contact us 

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