Have you planned how to store your bulk documents?

RMS_Godrej_Racking_archive_mobile shelving_file rack_UAE_Oman_Saudi Arabia_Qatar_Bahrain_Kuwait (2) copy
RMS_Godrej_Racking_archive_mobile shelving_file rack_UAE_Oman_Saudi Arabia_Qatar_Bahrain_Kuwait

Godrej Storage Solutions has expertise in designing & manufacturing bulk document storage solutions with more than 30 years of experience in archive racks, office file storage, bulk document storage, confidential/legal document storage. Our unique dense storage design helps to optimize your available space and cost by maximizing storage area.

Document Storage solution expert for:

  • Archives

  • Record Management Service Providers

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Financial Institutions

  • Government Institutions

  • Educational Centers

  • Research Institutions


  • High Cubic Volume System

  • Scalable and Adaptable Record Management Facility Solution

  • Compatibility with Fire Safety

  • Well thought ventilation design aided in materializing better light exposure in the record management facility

Drop us a line or give us a heads up if you have any queries of document storage solutions / record storage / archive storage


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