Rack Audit Services

rack audit 

When was the last time..

  • You inspected your racking system?

  • You revised racking loading charts?

  • You updated warehouse safety signage’s?

  • You reviewed safety checklist & processes?

Racking & shelving system are subtle but pivotal elements in the logistics setup of an organization. They become all the more important when it is about warehouse safety. Regular inspection of racking and shelving system enhances warehouse safety by ensuring a safer environment for your warehouse operators and products.

With regular racking inspection, the racking system can be rectified for identified damages before any potential hazards. This avoids costly replacements, staff injury and damage to product stocks.

Godrej Storage Solutions has trained the skilled team of experts who can perform rack audit at your warehouse. Our competency lies in performing the rack audit as per EN 15635. We inspect your racking storage system as per the criteria mentioned in European Standards (EN 15635) followed by the audit report which will enable you to bridge the identified gap in achieving operations safety goals. We thus ensure that racking storage system contributes to sustainable, safer & brighter warehouse environment.

With our wide Middle East presence we can turnaround faster to your warehouse location.


  • Reports on rack damages & required correctives

  • Ensure people safety and avoid injuries

  • Prevent product stock from potential damage

  • Comply with safe warehouse storage practices

  • Refresher on ways to use warehouse space safely

  • Realize financial savings

 Connect with us for more information and understand how we can assist you!


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