Godrej Storage Solutions for Foodstuffs & Beverages storage

cold storage

If you are into foodstuffs or beverages manufacturing or any 3PL firm which need to manage food/beverage pallets at different temperatures. You have to manage high volume stock by equally managing FIFO, 100% order picking proximity, in-house material movement, and other safety & regulatory requirements. Godrej Storage solutions are flexible to suit your specific storage requirements irrespective of material volume.

Godrej Adjustable Racking System

Very less aisle space requirement and easily adjustable level height makes adjustable racking system popular for the cold room.


  • Dense storage helps to maintain foodstuff at a variable temperature
  • Flexible options for multiple temperature storages
  • Options for both automated and conventional racking system
  • Vertical space can be utilized to the height of 30m
  • Depth & Widths are adjustable according to pallet dimension
  • Racking systems are compatible to withstand the temperature from -30°C to +50°C

Godrej Mobile Pallet Racking

Constructing  & maintaining cold rooms are a 24×7 affair. Dense storage design is highly recommendable for cold room racks which help to reduce both chillers areas also aisle space required for MHE. Mobile pallet racking concept is getting more popular nowadays for foodstuff storage especially in the middle east, which ensures 100% floor space utilization.

mobile racks-united arab emirates-oman-uae


  • Very less aisle space requirement. maximum space can be allotted for material storage
  • 100% direct pallet accessibility
  • Automation and safety sensors help to move pallets in and out from racks quicker and safer by considerably reducing material storage & retrieval time
  • Require only one MHE aisle space
  • Racking system compatible with variable temperatures (-30 to +50 deg Celsius )



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