Case Study-Godrej VNA Pallet Racking System

20160818_110457_hdr-1Project objectives:  Implement a flexible and operationally effective solution to cater for storage requirements

Scope of supply and services: Godrej VNA Pallet Racking System with total of 11,373 pallet locations


Oman Integrated Logistics Services SAOC:

Oman Integrated Logistics Services SAOC (ILS) is the leading logistics company in Sultanate of Oman with leadership in Project cargo, Freight Forwarding, Road freight, Customs Clearance and Warehousing domain which handles wide variety of finished goods ranging from automotive spare parts through to food products



As part of extensive 3PL service, ILS new Barkha warehouse in Sultanate of Oman needed a storage solution that is flexible enough to meet future needs. The warehouse also required a product that satisfies high quality and safety needs of their clients. ILS partnered with Godrej Storage Solutions and made a decision to implement Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking System for their new storage facility.

 VNA solution allowed good stock rotation where it enabled a fast and good order picking rate in view of its 100% selectivity characteristic. This factor contributed to an overall improvement in warehouse efficiency and has enabled the company to meet delivery deadlines. The VNA Pallet Racking System was installed at a height of 13 meters, creating a total of 11,373 pallet locations.

VNA Rack20160818_110841_hdring System Advantages:

  • Virtuous material movement
  • 100% selectivity on order picking
  • Fast picking rate
  • Good product protection
  • 50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
  • Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity
  • Uses guide rails or wire guidance for fast movement in aisle



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